Experience steaks the way they were meant to be cooked from our Derby local Steakhouse

At the Belfry Steakhouse we take our steaks seriously, we combine local farmers, suppliers and chefs to craft the perfect steak experience. Each one of our steaks has been on an incredible journey in order to be served at the Belfry.

Only The Best Will Do

At the Belfry Steakhouse and The Old Bell Hotel only the best food and drinks will do, from beautiful real ales to award-winning fine dining. That’s why our team select some of the best and most unique food and drink across Derbyshire to deliver a unique experience to tantalise your taste buds.
From our Derby local Steakhouse we want to provide the ultimate premium steak experience which means using the best ingredients and cooking techniques.
Our staff also have a wealth of knowledge about every cut of steak that appears on our menus. Next time you visit make sure to pick their brains to choose the perfect steak for you.

The Most Local Steaks

All of our steaks are sourced locally and vetted by our chefs. Our steaks are so local they never leave Derbyshire unless the delivery driver gets lost! Our steaks come from a local farm in Shardlow where they breed English Longhorn cattle, which are known for their beautiful flavour and even marbling.
All of our steaks are then checked and vetted by our chefs before getting anywhere near the grills.

Expert Cooking and Preparation

To get the very best flavours out of our steaks we use a specially imported Spanish Josper oven which adds a unique flavour and texture to the steaks.
The Josper combines the old with the new as you can’t beat the flavour from steaks cooked over hot coals. The Josper uses modern technology to keep the coal temperatures incredibly hot. This heat seals in all the flavour making the steaks extra special.

Tasty seasonal dishes

As well as our incredible steaks we serve a selection of seafood, vegetarian and traditional dishes to bring you the best flavours of the season. All of our dishes are made fresh and the ingredients are all sourced locally. Fresh produce is often more crispy, sweet and loaded with flavour.

Find out more about the food at the Belfry Steakhouse. Take a look at the menu and book your table.