At the Belfry Steakhouse we use some of the best local ingredients such as the renowned Longhorn steak. But what makes it so special?

The Longhorn cattle is a very special breed that is known for producing some of the most flavourful steaks. Its velvety texture and excellent marbling make it an incredibly tasty steak.

The Oldest English Beef Breed

Longhorn cattle are one of the oldest English beef breeds and have been used by farmers for centuries dating back to the 17th century. Longhorn cattle are renowned for their docile and care free attitude. Their large horns that distinguish their appearance may make them look aggressive, however, they are usually a very friendly breed.

Typically, old farmers would have had one or two Longhorn cattle which were used for a variety of purposes such as making famous cheeses like Stilton and Red Leicester.

Beautiful Natural Flavour

Longhorn cattle are a native, slow maturing breed that live long relaxed lives. This makes the beef incredibly tender and juicy along with perfect marbling of fat. Unlike other breeds Longhorn cattle develop their intricate marbling naturally as they mature.

Ageing & Preparing Longhorn Steaks

To get the most out of longhorn steaks they need to be treated with great respect and consideration. At the Belfry our chefs work with expert butchers who provide consistent quality time after time.

One of the most important aspects of preparing the beef is to age it. This natural tenderising process breaks down the oxygen in the blood which concentrates the flavour and tenderises the meat. All our steaks are aged for 32 days for the very best juicy flavour.

Try a Longhorn Steak

Join us at the Belfry Steakhouse and try one of the famous Longhorn steaks for yourself. Choose from up to 8 different cuts of beef as well as our popular specials.

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