We’re Shaking Things Up

If you’ve ever joined us on a Wednesday, you’ll know about our wild meats as well as our normal steak menu. However, Wild Meat Wednesday is changing and expanding to become a regular dish on our special’s board. Don’t worry the wild meats aren’t going anywhere but now you’ll have the chance to try wild meats throughout the week. Try new and exciting cuts of meat including Ostrich, Bison and Water Buffalo.

Our wild meats will be joining our other incredible dishes on the special’s board, make sure to ask your server to find out what our daily specials are.

If you have a favourite cut from the wild meats menu we can order this in specially for you when you book your table (conditions apply). Choose from cuts like:

– Wild Boar
– Kangeroo
– Alpaca
– Buffalo
– Ostrich

The New Wednesday Wine Club

Wine club wednesday

Wednesday’s at the Belfry are now going to be the home to our new wine club. Don’t worry it’s not a fancy, exclusive club, instead it’s a chance to bring a bottle of your own wine and enjoy some of the best steaks in Derby, no charge.

It’s a chance to bring that special bottle you’ve been keeping in the cellar or those extra bottles hiding in the cupboard. If you’re not sure what wine to bring take a look at our guide for choosing wines to go with steak.

Don’t have a wine to bring? That’s fine, take a look at our drinks menu to find the tipple that suits you.

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