The Josper oven is one of our chef’s favourite toys. There is no comparison to a steak cooked on the Josper so we’ve delved into what makes it so special.

The Josper oven is the preferred grill of choice for many chefs when it comes to producing incredibly flavourful grilled food from steaks to seafood. It’s an elegant mix of grill and oven made in Spain and imported to the UK.

What’s Special About a Josper Oven?

The Josper uses cutting edge technology combined with the ancient Spanish cooking method of using covered fire pits. It’s a unique combination of oven and grill that is perfect for searing, smoking and grilling.

The Josper is fantastic for making sure the steaks retain their moisture and flavour, so nothing is ever taken away. The fast and dry heat creates that beautiful char and crisp texture we all look for on the outside of a steak.

How it Works

Josper oven flames

The Josper oven uses 100% charcoal the traditional way and can easily reach temperatures of 350 degrees and higher. Through clever ventilation and closing the main door the temperature quickly rises. The Josper works like an indoor BBQ and can easily burn through 10KG of charcoal a day.

“It’s not like your conventional grill, the charcoal is alive and takes a skill to control and understand.” Ian, Head Chef

Cooking on the Josper

Preparing steaks for the Josper oven

It can take a chef a while to get used to the Josper, especially its intense heat, however, nothing compares to the flavour a Josper adds to a steak. When cooking a 12oz T-Bone the steak needs preparing only with some salt on each side. The steak is then placed on the rails of the lower grill and the door is closed, only opening occasionally to turn and to add the signature grill marks.

Keeping the door shut keeps the smoke and moisture within the oven, adding more flavour to the steak. Once the doors are opened the Josper releases a blast of heat and the aroma of the grill.

The Josper oven takes centre stage when it comes to cooking a steak and treats the meat with the respect is deserves by never taking away any of its natural flavour.

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