At the Belfry we’re firm believers in local produce. All of our steaks are sourced from Derbyshire and to us it’s important to support local farmers, butchers and people.

It’s important to know where your food comes from and when it comes to steaks it’s even more important. We take a lot of things into account when choosing some of the steaks we serve in the restaurant.

Flavour & Sustainability

At the Belfry we’re picky about the steaks we serve, not just because we want to give you the best, but we also want to make sure it’s from sustainable sources and reputable farms. That way we know the cattle have lived a good quality life, which in turn impacts the flavour of the meat.

Local Butchers

We love the traditional butcher’s shop and think they’re really undervalued. It’s not just a place to get great quality meat, you can speak to an experienced butcher who’s had years of experience and you can learn more about where the meat comes from. It’s a fantastic way of learning more about different meat cuts, the farms they come from and get really good quality meat at great value.

Local Farmers & Breeds

We use assured farms and suppliers that use local breeds such as Heifers, Steers and the renowned Longhorn cattle, the oldest English beef breed. Local farms also mean our chefs and staff can visit to ensure they meet our standards.

We encourage all our staff to pay a visit so they can learn just how important good quality local steaks are and meet some of the people that make it happen.

Supporting Local People & Trade

Using local steaks mean we can help support some of the great farmers, butchers and local people of Derbyshire. Some of the family butchers we use have been have been going for nearly a century passing down the knowledge from generation to generation. It’s these amazing people that help us deliver great steak and great heritage. #RespectTheBeast

Learn more about some of the local steaks we serve at the Belfry.