They’re more than just steaks. They’re years of expertise and care. Take some time to learn more about the steaks we use.

The Steaks of the Belfry

At The Belfry we believe in high quality locally sourced steaks to provide you with the best ingredients cooked beautifully. Our highly-trained chefs are big steak lovers and understand the best way to cook each cut of British beef to give it the best flavour. Enjoy beautifully cooked steak in an intimate and historic environment.

locally sourced steaks in derby

Locally Sourced Premium Steaks Derby

We use only the best British beef for our premium steaks using carefully selected suppliers who have a record of working with skilled farmers. We care about where our steaks come from and we actively get involved with suppliers to ensure our chefs see first-hand how the animals are treated.

By using the best suppliers combined with our passion for high quality beef we provide you with some of the best premium steaks in Derby.

aged premium steaks derby

Ageing and Preparation

We have a wide selection of steaks on the menu each with their own unique taste. All of our steaks are dry aged so you can experience some of the richest flavours.

Our chefs use our specialist Josper grills to prepare your steak. Lightly seasoned and simply cooked our chefs bring out the already fantastic flavour of our premium steaks.


1. Chuck and Blade

Chuck comes from the upper front of the cow and contains parts of the shoulder bones and is often known as a “7-bone steak”. This cut is typically grilled or broiled and is commonly referred to as braising steak. Chuck steak is perfect for a pot roast.


2. Rib

Rib eye is a classic cut and as the name suggest it is from the cow’s rib. Wonderfully rich in flavour and incredibly tender. The pockets of fat in the steak make it great for roasting and is best enjoyed medium rare to rare.


3. Brisket

Brisket comes from the lower chest of the cow and is a tougher cut of meat. Brisket is best braised to tenderise the meat.


4. Beef Plate

Just below the rib cut, beef plate is typically a tough and fatty meat that is often considered part of the brisket. Beef plate can be used to make corned beef and lean mince.


5. Short loin

Short loin is the cut that gives you the T-bone steak which on one side is a piece of tender fillet and the other side is a piece of rich sirloin. T bone is best simply seasoned and served medium rare.


6. Flank

Flank is used in a variety of popular dishes. To make the meat more tender chefs cut across the grain. Flank is best when it has a bright red colour and is often seen in Asian cuisine.


7. Sirloin

A popular cut located near the rump and comes from the upper middle of the cow. This type of cut is incredibly tender and well-marbled with fat. Sirloin is tougher than cuts from the loin or the rib.



Tenderloin gives you the beautiful tender fillet steak. Known for its juicy flavours it is best cooked well and needs little preparation to taste succulent and delicious. We use tenderloin to provide some of the best premium steaks in Derby.


9. Top Sirloin

Top sirloin steaks are a flavourful and succulent type of steak with good sirloin having the right amount of fat to give a melt-in-the mouth flavour.


10. Bottom Sirloin

Below the top sirloin and above the flank, bottom sirloin is considered lean and slightly chewy. Bottom sirloin is often used to cook the tri-tip and flap steak which is generally cut very thin.


11. Round

Round is where rump steak comes from which is a tender and larger sized steak best served medium to medium rare. An insider tip is to grill and slice before serving.


12. Fore Shank

The fore shank or ‘shin’ tends to be a tough and dry meat which is best cooked for a long time in moist heat. It’s a very lean type of meat ideal for very low-fat ground beef.


13. Hind Shank

Hind shank is very similar in flavour to the fore shank and refers to the cut of mind from the cow’s hind legs.