Steak Ageing & Preparation

Learn more about what goes into ageing and preparing our steaks.

How our Steaks are Aged & Prepared

At The Belfry we treat every steak that comes into the kitchen with respect. Years of care, dedication and expertise have gone into making the incredible steaks that appear in our kitchens, so we show them the respect they deserve.

Steak ageing and preparation

Respecting the Beast & Telling the Story

Before a steak arrives at your table years of expertise and care have gone into creating it. We always prepare our steaks as simply as possible to highlight their incredible natural flavours. Each steak has its own unique characteristics, like wine, and we want you to be able to experience it.

We believe in simple seasoning and traditional cooking methods for an authentic steak experience.

Steak ageing process

Steak Ageing

All of our steaks are dry aged to intensify their flavour and improve their tenderness. Dry ageing happens in a temperature controlled, dehumidified environment bringing out the best flavours in the steaks.

No steaks make their way onto our main menu before undergoing this special treatment.

The Josper Oven

The Josper oven or ‘lean, mean, grilling machine’ our chefs have dubbed it, is an elegant closed barbecue that adds the unique flavour of the finest embers, a unique texture and incredible juiciness to steaks.

Great steaks deserve to be treated and cooked with equal greatness. With the Josper our beautiful cuts of beef are turned into the great steaks ready to serve.